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More than 6,500 visitors on hand for the 2016 Science Fair with ESME Sudria Lille

  • 28/04/2017

A few days before ESME Sudria Paris, the Lille Campus of ESME kicked off its own 2016 Science Fair. From October 6-9, 2016, its 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students took over the Saint-Sauveur Train Station to hold two workshops as part of the “Village of Sciences”.

On Thursday, October 6th, and Friday, October 7th, around 160 of the region’s elementary, middle, and high school students got a feel for robotics thanks to a workshop conducted by students from ESME Sudria Lille. Open to the general public on Saturday and Sunday (October 8th and 9th), more than 6,500 visitors showed up for their own chance to discover this workshop dedicated to robots, as well as a workshop on energy and 3D printing hosted by other budding Lille engineers. During the Science Fair, Pavlick Van Goethem (ESME Sudria Class of 2021) could be found at the robotics stand sharing his knowledge and passion. He was delighted to be a part of this event aimed at popularizing science. “We were able to explain to visitors how the Thymio (small robot) works, and thus relate the basic programming principles that allow these robots to follow a straight path and pick up a variety of different signals. Playing the role of professor during the Science Fair was particularly enjoyable! But being a student has its own advantages: it’s easier to get along with the youngest kids, who aren’t at all afraid to strike up a conversation with you. Because the age difference is a lot less obvious, they feel much more at ease. As it happens, we were the youngest of all the students overseeing the “Village of Sciences” stands. This experience has definitely provided me with the motivation to take part again next year.”

The robotics workshop team…

…and the energy/3D printing workshop team

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