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Photo Gallery: ESME Sudria Community Day

  • 28/04/2017

On Thursday, September 22, new students (Ingéspé, BTS…) at ESME Sudria Paris gathered on the Paris Ivry Campus for animated presentations by the school’s student associations. Cultural (Office of Arts, Kiwedia, Ultrason…), humanitarian (IDÉES Madagascar), robotic (Sudriabotik), sporty (Atout Vent, Bureau des Sports, Xcream, Trace Directe Organisation…), and even enological (Cho-Vin) groups were on the agenda during this special event dedicated to conviviality and put on by the skillful team from the Office of Student Affairs, the famous BDE Galactiz! The students also got to meet representatives from ZupdeCo, an organization of volunteer students that caters to young students in need of help with school, as well as Claire Matrone and Yann Poisson (ESME Sudria Class of 2015), two members of the ESME Sudria Association of Engineers (AIESME), which regularly organizes events and allows the school’s graduating engineers to stay in touch. Scroll down to see the photo gallery, which captures a truly unique moment in the education of our future engineers.

Two ZupdeCo representatives

Claire Matrone and Yann Poisson (ESME Sudria Class of 2015)

BDE Galactiz set the tone for the event

Cho-Vin grapevine aficionados

Extreme sports fans from the Xcream association

ESME Sudria cheerleaders were keen on finding new recruits

IDÉES Madagascar shared memories from its last mission

The ESME Sudria men’s rugby team

The volleyball team was also on hand

The Atout Vent marines

The BDS in full motivation mode

The Sudriabotik team rolled out the machines

Skiers and snowboarders from Trace Directe

Ultrason wrapped up the event with a wild and funky live set


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François Hollande, President of France, visits the IONIS Group’s Paris Kremlin-Bicêtre Campus

François Hollande, President of France, made an appearance at the IONIS Education Group’s Paris Kremlin-Bicêtre Campus on Monday, October 3, 2016. Surrounded by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister of National Education, Higher Education, and Research, Myriam El Khomri, Minister of Labor, Employment, Professional Training, and Social Dialog, Patrick Kanner, Minister of Urbanity, Youth Affairs, and Sports, Axelle Lemaire, State Secretary in charge of the Digital Sector and Innovation, and Clotilde Valter, State Secretary in charge of Professional Training and Learning, the President officialized the inauguration of the Grande École du Numérique (GEN), a school for digital technology where Web@cadémie plays an active role. Mr. Hollande received a regal welcome from Marc Sellam, Fabrice Bardèche, and Marc Drillech, Chef Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, and General Manager of the IONIS Group, respectively.

François Hollande and Marc Sellam having a chat

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More than 6,500 visitors on hand for the 2016 Science Fair with ESME Sudria Lille

A few days before ESME Sudria Paris, the Lille Campus of ESME kicked off its own 2016 Science Fair. From October 6-9, 2016, its 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students took over the Saint-Sauveur Train Station to hold two workshops as part of the “Village of Sciences”.

On Thursday, October 6th, and Friday, October 7th, around 160 of the region’s elementary, middle, and high school students got a feel for robotics thanks to a workshop conducted by students from ESME Sudria Lille. Open to the general public on Saturday and Sunday (October 8th and 9th), more than 6,500 visitors showed up for their own chance to discover this workshop dedicated to robots, as well as a workshop on energy and 3D printing hosted by other budding Lille engineers. During the Science Fair, Pavlick Van Goethem (ESME Sudria Class of 2021) could be found at the robotics stand sharing his knowledge and passion. He was delighted to be a part of this event aimed at popularizing science. “We were able to explain to visitors how the Thymio (small robot) works, and thus relate the basic programming principles that allow these robots to follow a straight path and pick up a variety of different signals. Playing the role of professor during the Science Fair was particularly enjoyable! But being a student has its own advantages: it’s easier to get along with the youngest kids, who aren’t at all afraid to strike up a conversation with you. Because the age difference is a lot less obvious, they feel much more at ease. As it happens, we were the youngest of all the students overseeing the “Village of Sciences” stands. This experience has definitely provided me with the motivation to take part again next year.”

The robotics workshop team…

…and the energy/3D printing workshop team

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ESME Sudria’s e-Smart Lab Paris-Montparnasse Organizes a Special Graphical Programming Workshop for Thursday, October 20, 2016

  • 10/09/2016


Open to all ESME Sudria students as well as students from IONIS Group schools (subject to availability), the first workshop of the 2016-2017 school year by e-Smart Lab Paris-Montparnasse will focus on graphical programming. Scheduled for Thursday, October 16 at 3 pm in the presence of 3rd year students of the Introduction to Digital Arts Minor, the workshop will allow participants to become familiar with graphical programming by , a free and open source programming environment.

e-Smart Lab Paris-Montparnasse presents its WRKSHP#1: Introduction to graphical programming via Processing
Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 3 pm

ESME Sudria Campus Paris Ouest
40 rue du Docteur Roux
75015 Paris

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Security: The Other Issue of the IoT Market

  • 30/06/2016

On Thursday, June 9, 2016, the Paris Ivry Campus of ESME Sudria welcomed one hundred professionals and future engineers to the seminar “Cybersecurity – IoT and Embedded Systems”, organized by Cap’Tronic in partnership with G-echo and the school. An event dedicated to networking and technology watch, covering a variety of current topics affecting the IoT.

The seminar according to Michel Marceau, Director of Cap’Tronic:

“The IoT is undoubtedly one of the future’s most exciting issues. But it was high time a voice of reason also be introduced into the conversation. That was the aim of this conference. While the stakes of IoT are in fact enormous from an economic standpoint, one must not forget the security aspect the companies behind these products will have to take into consideration well in advance, indeed right from the conceptual stages. Cap’Tronic’s goal is to heighten awareness amongst SMEs and the industrial world regarding the problem of cybersecurity. With this kind of seminar, we can therefore get right to the heart of the matter. Furthermore, by organizing the seminar in a school like ESME Sudria, we are able to reach another audience, namely students, new engineers, and entrepreneurs. This seminar is an additional lever, and incidentally not the first time Cap’Tronic has teamed up with ESME Sudria: a number of joint meetings have taken place in the past, in particular thanks to the active involvement of Christian Touseau (manager of the ESME Sudria Embedded Systems & Electronics lab) when it comes to such issues.”

From left to right: Véronique Bonnet, Deputy Executive Director of ESME Sudria, Christian Touseau, Manager of the school’s Embedded Systems & Electronics laboratory, Jean-François Baillette, Founder and Director of G-echo, and Christophe Bricout, Engineer at Cap’Tronic

The seminar according to Véronique Bonnet, Deputy Executive Director of the school:

“The vocation of an engineering school is to maintain the strongest possible ties with the companies of its sector. Nevertheless, among the various specializations available at the heart of ESME Sudria’s education program, we also find embedded systems, data, and even computer science, subjects which have a certain resonance with the great IoT movement. This event, staged in partnership with Cap’Tronic, is therefore of real interest as it consists of sharing the latest technological advancements of the IoT sector while offering our new graduates the chance to meet and discuss job opportunities with a number of SMEs.”

The seminar according to Christian Touseau, Manager of the school’s Embedded Systems & Electronics laboratory:

“Our laboratory trains engineers in advanced technologies. But technology is constantly evolving. Meeting professionals from the field is therefore an excellent way for ESME Sudria to work out the direction it needs to take and the courses it must put into place. In short, this type of event allows the school to constantly be “in the loop” and “up to date.” Companies evaluate engineers coming from ESME Sudria on their immediate skill sets: when they arrive at the workplace, they perfectly match the desired profiles. ESME Sudria can certainly back its claims of being “the engineering school where everything is possible!” Technological continuity must be provided, for the age when graduates were trained by employees is over: today’s new engineers must be operational immediately and aware of all the latest advancements. In addition to holding conferences, the event will therefore also conclude with an “IoT Pizza Dating” session. This session is the ideal occasion for current students to come into direct contact with professionals to discuss topics related to technology and the future, as well as to eventually find internships.”

Hosts of the seminar “Cybersecurity – IoT and Embedded Systems”:

Bouygues Telecom, Cap’Tronic, CEA-LIST, Digital Security, European School of Economic Intelligence (EEIE), ESME Sudria, Olivier Ezratty (consultant), G-echo, French Interior Ministry, NeoTech Insurance, Opale Security, IRT-SystemX.

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