Engineering school recognized by the French Governement since 1922
Diploma accredited by the French Commission on Engineering Credentials (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur - CTI)
Member of the Consortium of the Top French Schools in Engineering and Business (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles - CGE)
Member of the Union of Independent Grandes Écoles (UGEI)


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At ESME Sudria, we provide our students with a high-quality study environment in order for them to get a successful academic experience and grow as engineers but also as young men and women.

1 school, 5 campuses

ESME Sudria has five campuses, two of which are located in the heart of the French capital (Paris Montparnasse and Paris South-Ivry), the three others in Bordeaux, Lyon and Lille.


ESME Sudria is housed in a 2,000 square meter building in the Paris’ Montparnasse district, in the center of the French capital. This location,right in the city center, offers the students an outstanding experience in an exceptional environment.


Our Ivry-sur-Seine facilities are the epitome of an urban campus shared by several schools. Our engineering students have access to 10,000 square meters of space, including specialized laboratory equipment for our four specialized programs: Energy, Systems and the Environment; Embedded Systems and Electronics; Images, Signals and Networks and Digital and Data Intelligence.
This provides our students with the ideal environment in which to apply their knowledge, tackle operational project management challenges and become the best engineers they can be.


At 60 Boulevard de la Liberté in the center of Lille (North-Eastern France), ESME Sudria occupies part of a 4,000 square meter urban campus shared by several schools in the Ionis Education Group. The Lille metro area and this region of France—the Hauts-de-France—combine economic vitality and a European outlook, placing them at the cutting edge of the European technology sector.


Located in the historic district of Lyon (East-Central France), ESME Sudria’s 1,500 square meter campus provides an ideal environment for students. Lyon is known for its innovative and high-tech industries, such as energy, robotics and IT.


Set on IONIS Education Group’s urban campus, which already welcomes nearly 1000 students in the heart of Bordeaux, ESME Sudria is settling in an attractive and energetic metropolitan area. 


Student life is a core component of ESME Sudria educational project. With about 20 associations spanning sports, mechanical engineering and robotics, community service and the arts, student life at ESME Sudria offers something for everyone.

Melting PotThe Melting Pot association encourages travel abroad and diversity throughout the school year.
Office of Students (BDE)The BDE is at the core of all the associations, and organizes the year’s major events.
SudriabotikSudriabotik is an association whose goal is to create robots that can compete at robot fairs throughout France and Belgium.
BDA (Office of Arts)This association brings together all the arts. The art of pleasing, convincing, existing…

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