Andrea Bareggi


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Contact Information

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Andrea Bareggi

Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Fundamentals of Automatics

Overview of research area

Mechanical engineering, computational mechanics, numerical analysis, finite element modelling, multibody dynamics, high performance cutting, 3D reconstruction by X-ray tomography, computational biomechanics of insect feeding system, computational music analysis, early keyboard music in southern Italy, postmodern musical theatre in Italy after the second world war.

Short biography

After a research Master in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a master thesis on high strain rate deformations in aero-alloys, Andrea move to Ireland for carrying out a Ph.D. in mechanical and manufacturing engineering with a thesis on thermal and mechanical effect of high speed air jet in orthogonal cutting of low carbon steels, carried out by analytical, numerical and experimental methods. After one short experience as research fellow at Laboratorio MUSP of Politecnico di Milano (branch of Piacenza), he moves to France and he’s enrolled as a postdoc at INSA-Lyon / CNRS for almost 4 years, working on material science applied to industrial processes at INSA-Lyon (Mateis and Lamcos), in collaboration with Arcelor-Mittal, Saint Gobain and Safran. He currently teach mechanical engineering and fundamental of automatics at ESME, and he collaborates with INSA-Lyon (Lamcos). At the same time, Andrea develops a career in music as a pianist, harpsichordist and music teacher. He holds a research Master in Musicology and his fields of interests merge his studies in engineering and music : computational music analysis and room acoustics.

Collaborations in progress

  • EPI-Cuticle – Research project CNRS on biomimetics. Collaborators : Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Yves Rahbé), INSA-Lyon (Aline Bel-Brunon), ESME (Andrea Bareggi).
  • Virtual Stage – European project Erasmus+ KA2 on digital technologies in Music Opera making and teaching (Giunti Psychometrics, Ensemble San Felice, National Silesian Theatre Opava).


PhD in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Fundamentals of Automatics

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