Hela Marouane


38 rue Molière 94200 IVRY-SUR-SEINE

Contact Information

Call: + 33 1 56 20 62 59
Email: [email protected]

Hela Marouane

Associate professor in IT

Overview of research area

My engineering and research interests lie in the following domains:
1. Real time advanced driver assistance systems
2. Appplication of IA in vehicular ad hoc networks

Short biography

I am currently an associate Professor at the engineering school ESME-Sudria. I obtained a Master degree in informatic and multimedia from Sfax university in 2010. I received also a PhD in information technology from university of Le Havre and the university of Sfax in 2015. Before to join ESME, I worked as associate professor in the institute of informatic and multimedia.


PHD in Informatic and Real Time Systems

Associate professor in IT