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Founded in 1905, ESME trains multidisciplinary engineers that will become key professionals addressing the technological challenges of the 21st century. Since 2020, the school offers full five year programs in English as well as Graduate programs in Cybersecurity and IoT and Smart Cities.
ESME’s strength lies in offering students multidisciplinary, innovation centered training of the highest level.

ESME graduates then go on to innovate in most high-tech sectors.

Energy transition

Energy costs, energy independence, the environmental impact of production and consumption require not only that we look to new sources of energy, but also to new ways to transport, store and distribute energy intelligently.

Transport and mobility

Mobility involves optimizing transport in terms of time, energy, cost, comfort and safety. The transport of the future, from aeronautics to hybrid vehicles, from drones to selfdriving public transport, is subject to these challenges and will call on electronic technologies, nanotechnologies, digital.”technology, all of which are taught at ESME.


Technologies, as well as advanced control systems for complex mechatronic systems, and the development and design of industrial, home and biomechanical robotic systems. Students in Robotics will be adquiering skills in pattern recognition, 3D modeling, artificial intelligence, motion sensors, communication and control command systems, trough collaborative robotics and connected objects.

Biotechnology and health

The world of medicine is experiencing major challenges. It is up to the engineers of tomorrow to work with medical experts towards developing new tools for assisting patients. Robotics and programming technologies are perfectly well-suited to these new needs.


The city of tomorrow is smart and connected and environnent friendly. Infrastructure and the way it is managed must adapt to the needs of citizens and the environement while using cutting-edge technologies. Smart objects are just the
beginning of this smart way of life.


Digital intelligence is at the heart of the global challenges of today and tomorrow. Connected objects, big data and artificial intelligence are proof that the digital revolution is in full swing. We train our enginers to take an active part in this transformation..

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