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There are a few things to know before coming to France to study at our engineering school. Whether you are a European Union national or not, you will find below helpful information about immigration, health insurance and housing.


Non-French citizens need to show proof of identity and submit official documents to the immigration authorities when entering the European Union region for the first time.

Required documents vary depending on where you are coming from, your nationality, the reason why you are visiting and the length of your stay in France, etc.

European Union nationals are entitled to stay in France with their valid EU identification (passport).

Non-EU nationals must apply for a long-stay visa before arrival in France, and must follow up the process with the consular authorities in their home countries.

More information about visas


EU nationals must have a European Health Insurance card issued by the appropriate authorities of their originating country, as well as a photocopy of this document (or the E128 form).

Non-EU nationals will have to register to the French social security system.

Mandatory subscription to the french social security system

You can benefit from the French general healthcare system if you came to France with a VLS-TS visa ("visa long séjour valant titre de séjour", Long Term Visa used as Residence Permit).

First, you must :

  • Obtain your visa
  • Register to your higher education institution
  • Then register to the French general healthcare system
  • Registration is free and completed online by logging in to the website of the health insurance dedicated to foreign students.

Student complementary health insurance

Student Social Security reimburses on average 70% of healthcare expenses. To be reimbursed up to 100% of your healthcare expenses, you have to take out complementary health insurance.

To find your complementary student health insurance organization, you can check the websites of the Mutuelle des étudiants or the SMEREP or see if you have the right to be covered by the French Complementary Universal Health Coverage. You can also subscribe to a complementary health insurance in your home country.

A dedicated support for international students

Welcome day

Welcome Day
Welcome days are organized at the beginning of each semester. It will give you an opportunity to become familiar with our engineering school.


The International Office at ESME Sudria recruits student buddies for international students in order to facilitate academic and social integration into the school life.

A dedicated team

A dedicated team
The student coordination team of the international office does its utmost to support every international student from the first steps before his/her arrival to their last day at the school.

French classes

French glasses
Studying at ESME Sudria gives international students the opportunity to learn French while completing their scientific studies. At ESME Sudria, French as a Foreign Language is taught by professional French language instructors. Classes are adapted to students’ level, based on the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Cultural activities

Cultural activities
Cultural and social activities are also organized throughout the year to support international students’ integration to the school and to life in France.


Depending on your financial resources, the length of your stay and the type of housing you are looking for, the cost of housing in Paris varies greatly.

You can look for your own accommodation, but we can also help you look for a room or an apartment.

Finding a place to live

Need Help ?

If you require housing assistance prior to arrival, contact us at as soon as you receive your Acceptance Letter in order to begin the process. Please note that the school cannot be held responsible for not finding students accommodation.

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Summer School Student – July 2019

ESME Sudria Summer School definitely exceeded my expectations, it was a perfect ratio of knowledge, science and fun. The staff and the professors were the nicest and made sure each and every one of us felt good and were always there to help us with anything.
We were able to explore quite a number of places along with learning to create a robot from scratch, which definitely brought all the students closer and definitely gave us something we would remember forever. In my opinion, it’s an experience of a lifetime which one should definitely go for.

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