Engineering school recognized by the French Governement since 1922
Diploma accredited by the French Commission on Engineering Credentials (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur - CTI)
Member of the Consortium of the Top French Schools in Engineering and Business (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles - CGE)
Member of the Union of Independent Grandes Écoles (UGEI)


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1. 115 years of Expertise

Paris Centre

An engineering school with more than 115 years of expertise based in central Paris and recognized by the French Consortium on Engineering Credentials (CTI)

2. A human-sized institution


A human-sized institution with teachers offering individualized support to students

3. A high-quality support


A high-quality support for international students (orientation day, buddy system, cultural activities, French classes, etc.)

4. Innovation methods


Innovative teaching methods (team projects, learn by doing projects, etc.)

5. International institution

Connecté au monde

An international institution with more than 50 partners throughout the world and 100% of our students who go abroad during their studies !

5 campuses in France

Multi-disciplinary programs
supported by

5 laboratories

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Summer School Student – July 2019

ESME Sudria Summer School definitely exceeded my expectations, it was a perfect ratio of knowledge, science and fun. The staff and the professors were the nicest and made sure each and every one of us felt good and were always there to help us with anything.
We were able to explore quite a number of places along with learning to create a robot from scratch, which definitely brought all the students closer and definitely gave us something we would remember forever. In my opinion, it’s an experience of a lifetime which one should definitely go for.

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