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ESME Sudria’s multi-disciplinary programs are supported by our state-of-the-art laboratories, where our students develop their research skills and learn about the industrial business world. This on-going contact enriches our curriculum and prepares students for their future careers.


The Energy, Systems and Environment Lab

The Energy, Systems and Environment Lab teaches students about the various industrial systems involved in the production, operation, transportation and distribution of conventional and/ or renewable electricity. These include the new “smart grid” technologies, as well as advanced control systems for complex mechatronic systems and the development and design of industrial, domestic and bio-mechanical robotic systems.

The Embedded and Electronic Systems Lab

The Embedded and Electronic Systems Lab focuses on designing digital electronic systems through continuous technological monitoring. The lab brings in participants from the industrial business world, including the automotive, defense and aeronautics sectors. From on-board computers in cars, to software security, to micro-controller programming, embedded systems engineers acquire the most relevant skills on demand by companies.

The Digital and Data Intelligence Lab

Students in Digital and Data Intelligence Lab

The Digital and Data Intelligence Lab covers a broad spectrum of career possibilities in all sectors of the industry, and in all areas of work: creating enterprise-level software, administration and optimization of information, analyzing and processing banking information, creating tools for securities traders, designing multi-media signals, processing software and developing complex artificial intelligence systems and neural networks, among others.

The Digital and Data Intelligence Lab has expanded its activities to include cross-disciplinary projects integrated with the other three ESME Sudria laboratories. Digital technology is the foundation of many other areas such as robotics, embedded systems and image processing.

The Images, Signals and Networks Lab

Students in Images, Signals and Networks Lab

The Images, Signals and Networks Lab works in two distinct fields: they are separate, but nevertheless correlated and complementary. In the field of image and signal processing, the lab works in areas related to the defense, medical, and security sectors, training engineers who can solve high-level scientific problems. In the network field, the lab covers a broad scope of skills, from enterprise networks to mobile networks. Our engineers are trained to design, maintain and develop modern communication devices.

The e-Smart lab

As digital and physical technologies converge, “things” can take on digital capabilities, and digital designs can immediately lead to a physical object. This inspired us at ESME Sudria to create our E-Smart lab, in the spirit of MIT’s Fab Lab. Using machines such as 3D printers and laser cutters, the E-Smart lab allows our students to bring their ideas to life . Even our preparatory program students can create their own prototypes.

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  • e-Smart Lab

  • The e-Smart Lab in our Lille's campus provides 3D printers and laser cutters to students.


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