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International Graduate Program in IoT and Smart Cities

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Presentation and objectives

Today, Internet of Things (IoT) is the major driver of growth in the telecommunications market.

Smart devices have become innovation enablers in all industrial fields (transportation, energy, surveillance, industrial logistics, agriculture, healthcare, consumer electronics).
These numerous options mean that companies developing products and services are making important strategic decisions combining their prediction of how markets will evolve and how they will meet this evolution through IoT. As a consequence, the demand of competences in this new and evolving landscape is increasing.
The Smart Cities and Urban IoT program graduates engineers with technical expertise in the IoT infrastructures (licensed and unlicensed connectivity), networking, cybersecurity and data science, as well as with a developed sense of the value chain of IoT and data, and of the opportunity and challenges that they represent.

French language classes are part of the program for all international students. As required by the French Commission for Engineering Titles (CTI), students seeking to obtain the Master’s Degree of Engineering must reach a B1 level of French by the end of their programme.


  • A Bachelor-degree or equivalent in related fields
  • Proven knowledge in the following fields:
    • Introduction to computer networks (TCP/IP networks)
    • Coding (any language)
    • Signal processing
    • Introduction to digital communications (optional but strongly recommended)
    • Linux Operating System


Abdulhalim DANDOUSH – Head of department – Computing, Modelling & Digital technologies


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Or contact directly International Office : [email protected]


  • Resume in English
  • Academic transcripts
  • Cover letter
  • Copy of passport
  • Proof of English CECRL B2 – IELTS 6


  • May 30th for admission in September.
  • November 15th for admission in February.
  • We recommend that international students apply as early as possible.

Special rules apply to exchange students who are part of an established program (Erasmus, Bilateral Agreements, etc.). Contact the International Office at your home institution if you are interested in being an exchange student.

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