Engineering school recognized by the French Governement since 1922
Diploma accredited by the French Commission on Engineering Credentials (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur - CTI)
Member of the Consortium of the Top French Schools in Engineering and Business (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles - CGE)
Member of the Union of Independent Grandes Écoles (UGEI)


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ESME Sudria offers a five-year curriculum and follows the European academic calendar, with two semesters (September- January and February-June) per year. Full-time students earn 30 credits per semester.

Bachelor’s Level

Our engineering programs build on the basic courses in mathematics, physics and sciences (“Classe Prépa”) that first and second-year students take, followed by core engineering courses in the third year (“Cycle Ingé”).

Learn the fundamentals: “Classe prépa” (Preparatory Program)

Year 1 (60 ECTS)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Engineering sciences
  • Social and business science
  • Computer Science
  • Humanities and Foreign Languages

Internship - mandatory (4 to 8 weeks)

Year 2 (60 ECTS)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Engineering sciences
  • Social and business science
  • Computer Science
  • Humanities and Foreign Languages

Internship - mandatory (4 to 8 weeks)

In order to individualize their curriculum, first-year students choose to follow one of the tracks below :

International Engineering

This track targets students pursuing international careers and are interested in our double degree program. Students are able to improve their English language skills by taking 50% of all their classes in English.

Engineering and Management.

This track is designed for students who want to develop new skills in management. It is offered in partnership with ISG, Ionis Education Group’s major Business School.

Engineering and Innovation

Students have free access to our labs and fab-labs to prototype, test and realize their own projects.

Master’s Level

Choose your specialization : “Cycle Ingé” (Engineering Program)

In year 3, students start with the core engineering program (Cycle Ingé) and get access to our labs, where they develop research skills and choose the field they want to specialize in.

In addition to the core curriculum, the 5 majors and specializations offered at ESME are the following:

  • Mechatronics
  • Embedded systems
  • Virtualization and smart networks
  • Financial engineering and statistics
  • Artificial Intelligence
International Connection
  • Urban IoT & smart cities
  • Cybersecurity
Energy & Environment
  • Renewable energy and smart grids
  • Hybrid engines and smart grids
  • Energy conversion
  • Double Degree – ISG Business School
Biotech & Health
  • Biomechanics and medical robotics
  • Digital technology and health

During their five years of study at ESME Sudria, students are required to complete internships. These total to approximately 10 months of work experience during the five-year program.

ESME Sudria grants a Master of Engineering degree («Diplôme d’ingénieur») certified by the French Commission on Engineering Credentials (CTI)

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Pedro Henrique

Exchange student from Brazil

I chose ESME because I wanted to study in an engineering “Grande Ecole”, and learn French. At ESME, I worked on projects with a very motivated group of students, and great teachers. I learned and mastered new methods; totally different ways of solving engineering problems that I never knew about. What did I learn during my year at ESME? Everything! Now, I think and work in a totally new way.

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