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In order to apply to our programs, we will need to know more about your student situation, in what language you would like to attend your future classes, and from where your diplomas has been issued. Therefore, we need to get in contact with you !

In order to do so, please follow the steps below.




Students holding an high school diploma undergraduate degree recognized in France and having a good command of the language of instruction (B2 level or equivalent required) can directly apply to ESME International Graduate programmes. Specific requirements apply for each Master’s programme, please see relevant program characteristics


Fill out the following online form.


To apply to pour programs, you will have to upload the following documents :

  • Copy of your passport or European ID (pdf)
  • Resume in French or English (pdf)
  • Cover Letter in French or English (pdf)
  • Transcripts from 1st year to date, in French or English (pdf)
  • Copy of your diploma/degree, translated in French or English (High School, Bachelor or Master) (pdf)
  • Reference letter in French or English (optional)
  • Depending upon your home institution’s teaching language, proof of language proficiency may be required


An online interview is to be scheduled if the online application is complete.

The jury will test :
The candidate’s motivations and background relevance to the targeted study programme.

Candidate’s technical knowledge in key fields of study “Calendar”. Applications will be accepted throughout the year and evaluated as they are received.

Candidates should expect to hear back from ESME International office within 3 weeks after submission of their application. Evaluation sessions will be conducted until July but no later than July 15th for non-EU candidates.

ESME’s international development department will be able to guide you through the whole process once the form is completed.

Should you have any question, please contact ESME international development department : [email protected]

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